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Found Novelists #4 - Anne Emery

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In March 2018, I dropped into Books Galore, in Coldbrook, NS. When I am in the area, I stop by
this nice used bookstore; well ordered with a good selection of hardcovers and paperbacks. I
picked out a book called Barrington Street Blues published in 2008 by an author I was
unfamiliar with – Anne Emery. I was intrigued by what looked like a Halifax setting and it was
indeed, and yes it was a first edition in fine condition.

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The following from the back cover sold me on the book and it will give you a good idea of what
this series is about:

“A rich man and a poor man are found dead of gunshot wounds outside a seedy bar on
Barrington Street in Halifax. The police declare it a murder-suicide, but lawyer Monty Collins –
hired to represent the victims’ families – suspects it’s a double murder. The case gets
complicated when the police link the gun to the suspicious death of a high-flying lawyer named
Dice Campbell. Helped by his friend Father Brennan Burke, and hindered by his femme fatale
law partner Felicia Morgan, Monty explores the dark side of Halifax society: hookers, drug
addicts, boozers, gamblers, and people desperate to cover up a series of parties that got way
out of hand.”

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This book was the third in the series. When I finished the book, I made the following pencil
notation on the front endpaper “Read 2018 – very good book with flawed characters. Lots of
twists. Get the others. + local flavor.”

I found some similarities to the Andy Carpenter series by David Rosenfelt (found author #3).

I bought and read the first book in the series Sign of the Cross and it was a great read, as well.
I have another three on my bookshelves ready for future enjoyment. Her books are readily
accessible and not too pricy. They are also available in paperback.

There are now a total of 10 books in the series the last published in 2018. Anne Emery is a
lawyer herself and she lives in Halifax. Her books have won a number of awards and all are
detailed on her website

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