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My Saturday Book Musings - Overview

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Books And The Five Senses - 6 Parts

Part 1

This is the inaugural piece to be posted on our website under the banner "My Saturday Book Musings". I thought that doing a weekly "blog" would be of interest to visitors. I don't know where the term came from, but "blog" is decidedly unappealing hence our banner title. A posting will be made every Saturday.

The first six postings, including this one, will focus on books and the five senses. The following posts will be focused on Sight; Touch; Smell; Hearing and Taste - yes Taste!

In our bedroom, there is no TV and never a phone of any description. I always have two or three books on my bedside table and Glenda has both books and her Kindle.

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I have no desire to read e-books. I love the variety of senses when it comes to reading. Yes, an e-reader involves the senses of sight and touch and while you can vary the fonts and font size, mostly the reading experience remains the same book to book. However, reading a physical book can involve all five senses and there is a great variety from book to book which truly does enhance the reading experience.

Next Saturday: Books and the Sense of Sight