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Musing 100 - Recap of Musings

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This is my 100th musing! A milestone. I posted my first musing on August 3, 2019. Actually, I don’t post anything. My faithful webmaster, Renée Gruszecki, handles that for me. She designed our website and looks after everything about it. I write up the musings Friday night, Glenda edits them, thank goodness, and early Saturday morning, Renée prepares and uploads the musing onto the website. And she finds the appropriate musing banner illustration. Thank you, Glenda, and Renée for your help for 100 musings and counting!

I usually start to think about musing topics mid-week. Sometimes, I think that maybe I have covered a potential topic in a previous musing. And I often refer to previous musings. I could do with a listing! So, for this “anniversary musing”, I have decided to recap the 100 musings, by category. I am not going to bother with dates or numbers, that would be too much clutter.

Books and the Five Senses

  • Overview, Sight, Touch, Smell, Hearing, Taste

Book Collecting

  • Collect what You Like
  • Illustrated Books vs Art Books
  • Sets, Series and Collections
  • Savouring the Book Journey
  • Private Press Books
  • Book Regrets
  • Signed Limited Editions
  • Building a Collection
    • Introduction
      • Building a Beresford Egan Collection
      • Basic Items
      • The Spice
    • The Vampire and Horror Collection
    • Halloween Special – The Horror Cinema

Specific Books

  • The Book with Three Dust Jackets
  • Nope! No Chignecto Canal
  • Quirky Favourite – The Art of Window Dressing
  • Early 18 th Century Trade Wars
  • A Book Printed to be Presented
  • A Found Celtic Treasure
  • Census Nova Scotia – 1767
  • Ferlinghetti – City Lights and The Beats
  • Some More Out of the Ordinary Books
  • Eighty Years Progress
    • Association Copy
    • #1 – A Gentle Jehu in Japan
    • #2 – Religion and Policy
  • Swarouski
  • Some Nova Scotia History
  • The Queen’s Pictures
  • Let Us Remember
  • Inventing Christmas
  • Nature Knows No Color-Line
  • Fungaloids!
  • Poetry Surprise!
  • Worldly Gardens
  • Faust
  • Rex Stout
  • The Secret Circle Mysteries
  • The Prolific W. E. D. Ross
  • Galaxie of Music and Madame Albani
  • Cartoons
  • A Scottish Beauty
  • The Dark Side of Henry Ford
  • COVID now – Consumption Then
  • The Turnbulls of Nova Scotia
  • Star Wars
  • Atlas Topographique et Militaire
  • Canadian War Artists
  • Illustrated Harry Potter
  • Easter Island Duo

Found Novelists

  • Introduction
  • #1 Phil Rickman
  • #2 Laura Joh Rowland
  • #3 David Rosenfelt
  • #4 Anne Emery
  • #5 Donna Leon

Special Occasions

  • Our 2nd Anniversary
  • The Cuttens on Holiday – A Rambling
  • Our 3rd Anniversary
  • Our 4th Anniversary
  • Musing #100 Recap of Musings

Book Related Topics

  • Bookplates – Appreciation and Depreciation
  • Subscription and Circulating Libraries
  • The Mystery League Inc. Dust Jackets
  • Some Favourite Dust Jackets
  • The Joy of Reading
    • Part One – Starting Early
    • Part two – Starting Later
  • Mildew Scourge
  • First Nations Art and History
  • Taschen
  • Bison Books Limited
    • The Sequel
  • Bookcases!
    • Bookcases Verso
  • Book Features - Gone
  • Mea Culpa
  • Bibliotherapy


  • The Madison Avenue Bookshop
    • Part 1 – The Windows
    • Part 2 – The People
    • Part 3 – The Closing
  • Thoughts of Italy
  • Raven & Gryphon Fine Books and COVID-19 Stories
  • The Times They Are A-Changin
  • A. S. W. Rosenbach
  • Confessions of a Bookseller
  • Booking a Legacy
  • A Bookselling Adventure
  • Right Books into Right Places
  • The Tyranny of Sets

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