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Cartes Taride No.18

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If you are in the world of books, you are running close by with the world of maps. Many history and military books have maps nestled within their covers. And, often, where there are books there are maps. In our library, Glenda and I have a number of framed maps on the walls. Let’s face it, maps have a strong visual appeal, as do books, but it is hard to hang books on the wall. But not impossible, as I look up from my chair there is a framed Weird Tales magazine framed in its entirety hanging on the wall. I couldn’t very well rip the cover off, could I?

We do have some maps in our collection, and I posted a musing back in July 2021 “Atlas
Topographique et Militaire”, that highlighted a series of French Military field maps from the seven Years War. The featured map of this musing is also French and linen backed.

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Cartes Taride pour Cyclistes et Automobiles 18 & 20, Boulevard Saint-Denis – Paris. Midi de la France, Section Centrale, No. 18, Prix 2fr50 (franco 2fr. 60). With a seller’s sticker Mus. Ferras 34, Rue Massena, 34, Nice.

This is a 30-section folding map, backed on linen, that covers an area along the Mediterranean French coast, west of Marseille. This is No. 18 out of a total of 32 regional maps.

It is a very attractive item, but there is no date on the darn thing. So, the detective work starts.

Alphonse Taride (1850 – 1918) publishing as A. Tirade, produced a large corpus of works including maps and pocket plans of different parts of France. The name Tirade became synonymous with high quality roadmaps.

I googled around and eventually found a map listed for sale that was No. 2 of the series and the label and price was the same as the one on this map and the seller stated that the map was from 1908, although I don’t know how the seller determined that.

As I have mentioned before in my musings, I have an index card for every book in our library and for every book for sale by Raven & Gryphon Fine Books. I started this back in the 1970’s, long before electronic means were available. I have continued this today, as well as electronic versions for books in the business. Purchase details are listed on the cards. This map was purchased from a Nova Scotia dealer in December 2000. Noted on the card was this titbit from the dealer "purchased by a U.S. soldier gassed during WW I during his recovery period and then he cycled France."

I conclude that the map is dated prior to WW I rather than between the wars.

As a business guy, ever interested in sales and marketing, I was interested in the revenue generating advertisement that appeared on the back of one of the map panels.

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