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On January 23, 2021, just a few weeks ago, I mused about adding two bookcases to the Book Room. And here is a photo of the alcove that we created. It is very attractive and welcoming. However, as Glenda and I noticed, when we came down the stairs into the Book Room, we were facing the backside of the bookcases. It was both dark and unappealing. Eck!

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Meanwhile, I had found another framed picture of a woman reading her books. As readers will know, I love illustrated and art books. I also love framed pictures depicting libraries and books, especially people reading books. I have always enjoyed walking into used bookstores that have pictures and objects positioned to show browsers what the subject of a particular section was - old baseball gloves or wooden tennis racquets in the sports section, etc..

We have a substantial pile of pictures sitting in the basement. I come home with a new picture and Glenda looks at me, and sometimes says, “why?”. Enough said.

Yesterday, I came across a beautiful picture of a Japanese woman, with a book in her lap, and a servant moving away with books already viewed. How could I not acquire that treasure! Which, of course, I did. And Glenda liked it, too. We think it is Japanese, but it could be Chinese. If any reader of this musing has an opinion as to the country of origin, please send us a note.

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Epiphany Time!

I said to Glenda, “Have you noticed the backside of the bookcases as we come down the stairs. Yes, she said, “very dark”. I responded with “I think we have a solution.”

I went down into the Book Room and hung the newly acquired piece from the back of one bookcase and a picture, “The Bookworm”, from the back of the bookcase that was beside it.

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Beautiful! If ever there was an example of “Kill two birds with one stone – this was it.” A
welcoming vision of people enjoying books as one entered the Book Room.

And, our basement has wooden beams, rather that those metal ones, so we can hang smaller
pictures on those.

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I love art. And I love pictures on the wall. Have you seen some of those stills from old British flics showing pictures hung from ceiling to floor? Beautiful!

The pictures you see on the wall speaks volumes about who hung them.

Guilty as charged!!!